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Title: Gij zult niet
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COOK, O., Gij zult niet...Transl. into dutch after the orig. english ("The second wave"). First edn. (thus).
Amsterdam, Weekblad "Het Leven", s.d. [....], 1930 Orig. pict. col. front wrapper, illustrated publ. title-list printed on lower outer wrap. 125pp. explanation of malay words and terms as footnotes.
Novel set on a Rubber-estate near mount Kinabalu, Sarawak, with as theme adultery. (some light fraying to rims of wrappers, larger particle of front wrapper near head of spine gone).

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LIMBURG, Rob. [Secretary "Landelijk Comité van Actie tegen Oorlog in Indonesië], AAN HET VOLK VAN NEDERLAND. Landgenoten!...Nog is het niet te laat!...Volk van Nederland hoe lang zult Gij dit nog dulden?Wanneer zult gij tot inzicht komen en een einde maken aan dit noodlottig drijven?...Geen soldaat meer naar Indonesië! [Original printed flyer in dutch].
Den Haag, "Landelijk Comité van Actie tegen Oorlog in Indonesë, 1946 Original printed flyer, 280x150mm. Four-folded. Dutch text partly printed in bold monochrome type.
Dutch language flyer addressed to the general dutch public calling for poilitical opposition agains dutch re-armament shortly after the Second World War as related to the dutch-indonesian armed dispute, strongly in support of the Indonesian revolution and struggle for Soverelignty. An interesting and rare left-wing flyer. Very good condition. (paper a bit brown, no signs OF ANY BRITTLENESS).

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