GEMILANG 176: The Lesser Sunda Islands (Flores, Sumba, Sumbawa, Timor) (2014).

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VERHEIJEN, J.A.J. [S.V.D.], KOMODO: Het Eiland, Het Volk en de Taal. [Eerste druk; First edition].
The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff, 1982 8°. Original illustrated limp wrappers, covertitle in bold black type. (xiv), 260pp. Some comparative data in text, large fold. map at rear end with detailed information on preceding 2 pp., double-page linguistic mapList of abbreviations, appendices: glossaries dutch-komodo and english-komodo, extensive glossary komodo-indonesian-dutch, glossaries various dialects-dutch and english, name-lists, with translations, of plants, geography, fishes, birds, persons, special glossary of 100 words indonesian-komodo dialects, extra notes to appendices, bibliography, table of contents. ["Verhandelingen Koninklijk Instiuut, VKI"
Dutch language scholarly investigation into Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggarah Timor, after field research by a dutch S.V.D. missionary, e.g.: after an introduction by which the physical geography and the Komodo population is describer, a detailed linguistic survey is exposed. Very fine copy.

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Book nr.: 55128

VERSLUYS, M[ick], Njonja Aspiran. Lief en Leed in de Residentie 'Timor en Onderhorigheden'.
S.I., s.n. [the author], [circa], 1955 Small 8°., original coloured and partly illustrated limp wrappers. 88pp. black/white illustrations in text after drawings by author, small sketch-map on ti.-p., concise glossary indonesian-dutch, table of contents.
Privately published dutch language recollections by the wife of an assistant-controleur, dutch colonial Indonesian civil servant ('Toewan Aspiran'), stationed at Kupang (Timor) and on Sumba, before and shortly after the Second Worldwar in the Pacific. Very good copy. (ms. entry in ink by previous owner at upper right corner of f.e.p.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 49293

VISSER, Herman F.E., Tentoonstelling der Oost-Indische Weefsel-Collectie "Van Kerckhoff", in het Museum voor Land= en Volkenkunde te Rotterdam (eind Maart tot half Juni 1918). Separated from:"NION", volume 3 (1918-1919).
Amsterdam, NION/Van Munster, 1918- 1919 Small 4°., private recent stiff wrappers, stitched. pp. 17-32. 12 captioned monochrome illustrations featuring antique weavings (Ikat) from Sumatra (Batak and Atjeh), East Kalimantan (Kutai), Flores (Endeh), Sumba, Savu, Kisar, Babar and Timor. Footnotes.
Dutch language comparative contribution to antique weavings (Ikat), mainly from Eastern Indonesia and Borneo, from the collection "Van Kerckhoff" brothers, exbibited at the Rotterdam City museum of Anthropology, March-June 1918. Very good copy.

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Book nr.: 51214

VISSER, L.E., My Rice-field is my Child. Social and territorial aspects of Swidden cultivation in Sahu, Eastern Indonesia.
Dordrecht, 1989 orig. wraps. (vi), 217pp. plates, text-ills. & figs., tabs., bibliogr., index. "VKI, 136". Fine copy.

EUR 50.00

Book nr.: 36843

VOSKUIL, H.J., Iets over de bewoners van Midden-Timor. Separated from:"NION", Vol. 2-10 (1918).
Amsterdam, Van Munster, 1918 Small 4°., later private cloth, original front wrapper laid-down on front side. [7]pp. (pp. 343-349). 7 large captioned monochrome illustrations in text: decorative bamboo tubes, woven cloths (kains) decorated with traditional motifs. (traditional decorative motifs on various objects from Central Timor local tribes). BOUND-UP WITH: A contribution by G. Krause with as topic the physical beauty of Balinese women, (first part), [[6]pp. (pp. 351-356). 10 captioned monochrome illustrations, of which 2 full page, with images of Balinese Woment, after author's original photographs; AND: a contribution by G.J. Huyser: De vervaardiging van Krissen [The Manufacture of the Keris). [10]pp. (pp. 359-366, continuation only). 5 plates, of which 2 coloured, with images of painted Keris Sheats, 2 captioned monochrome illustrations of Keris Sheats, of which one from Sumatra.
Dutch language contribution to traditional tribal decorative art, design and motifs to household implements and woven fabrics of dutch Timor. Includes 2 other minor contribution.

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Book nr.: 51427

VROKLAGE, B.A.G. (SVD), Een Held uit de Oost. Slachtoffer van zijn plicht.
Heide-Kalmthout-Steijl-Tegelen, Sovendi Presi, 1946 Small 8°, hfcloth, 212pp., portr., ills. on 3 plates, sketch-map.
Biography of Mgr. Petrus Noyens (1870-1921), missionary & martyr to Flores & Timor (Lesser Sunda-Islands). Scarce.

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Book nr.: 5963

VROKLAGE, B.A.G. (SVD), Het zondebesef bij de Beloenezen van Centraal-Timor.
Nijmegen/Utrecht, 1948 Large 8°, wraps., 14pp.
Nijmegen University Inaugural addres on the concept of Sin with the Belunese, Dutch Central-Timor.

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Book nr.: 12167

WANNER, Joh., Neue Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Permischen Echinodermen von Timor, IV: FLEXIBILIA. [1. Auflage; First edition].
Bandoeng, Maks & v.d. Klift, 1930 8°. Original printed wrappers. [1], 60pp. 31 figs. after drawings in text, some comparative tables in text, 67 monochrome illustrations on 4 stiff paper plates with extensive scentific descriptive text on facing pp., list of other scholarly publications on 1 unnumbered leave at end, list of plates, table of contents, pub l. list on both sides of lower outer cover, table of contents, original complimentary card printed on special paper, by the Direcor Geological Seurvey, Bandoeng, loosely inserted. . ["Dienst van den Mijnbouw in Nederlandsch-Indië", Wetenschappelijke Mededeelingen No. 14].
Results of a german language scientific investigation into the phenomenon Echinoderms (Phylum Echinodermata) are a phylum of marine animals as recently found in Dutch Timor, Indonesia. New results are presented after the previous publication issued in Contributions No. 11. Good copy. (spine with a narrow cloth strip, copy a bit dog-eared, ti.-p. and final page rather foxed, some occasional light marginal spotting throughout).

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 55712

WELTJE, H.C., A.W. DEN BOER (Chief editors) (, ZELFBESCHIKKING: Orgaan van de Stichting Door de Eeuwen Trouw [DDET]/Tijdschrift gewijd aan het Vrijheidsstreven van onderdrukte etnische minderheden in het bijzonder die in Indonesië. [Originele uitgave; Oridinal edition].
Doetinchem-Barneveld-Groningen, Stichting door de Eeuwen Trouw (DDET), 1970- 1990 Original dutch language and illustrated magazine opposing ethnic discrimination in particular in the Republic of Indonesia. STOCKED: Volume I-No. 1 ( (September 1970) - 4 (December 1970; complete). Volume 2-no. 1 (Januari/February 1971)- Volume 21-No. 1(April 1990). (All published/discontinued). Tog. in 87 parts as issued. Complete. Small 4°>original partly coloured and illustrated wrappers. Stapled. Each part approx. 16pp. Captioned monochrome illustrations of which many portraits of dutch, moluccan, apapua and indonesian politicians, cartoons after drawings, "In Memoriams", sponsoring advertism.
Complete set of this dutch language [political] magazine partly published by The dutch Society of "Perpetual Loyalty" [between the dutch and the indonesian population] (Stichting "Door de EEuwen Trouw", DDET). A political voice propagating Selfdetermination and Homerule for The South Moluccan Republic [Republik Maluku Selatan/Badan Persatuan], West Papua or West Irian [Organisasi Papua Merdeka] and Eastern Timor [Timor Oriental] in particular and general ethnic discrimination. Final issue celebrates the 40th anniversary of the declaration of Indipendence of the Republic of the South Moluccas. This magazine is a continuation and partly incorporates the magazine "De Stem van Ambon ", [Amon's Voice], published between 1950-1970. Complete Set in good to very good condition. Rare. [perforated alongside spine). ISSN 0166-1205.

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Book nr.: 53654

WERFF, J. VAN DER & J. TERWEN DE LOOS,(Preface & Introd.), Indonesische kunst uit eigen bezit. Tentoonstelling gehouden naar aanleiding van het Honderdjarig bestaan van de "Indische Verzameling", sinds 1911- Ethnografisch Museum" 1864-1964.
Delft, Ethnografisch Museum, 1964 Square 8°., orig. limp pictorial coloured wraps., [138]pp. of text, incl. preface and introd., Ills. on 22 plates o.o.t. with concise captions in dutch, some text-ills.
Exhibition catalogue, listing and describing tog. 330 objects exhibited, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Ethnographical Collection at the Municipal Museum, Delft, depictings arts & crafts from Sumba, Solor, Timor, Alor, Savu, Sumatra, The Tanembar Islands, etc. Good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 6067

WEST, F.P. VAN, Geological investigations in the Miomaffo Region (Netherlands Timor). Orig. thesis [Amsterdam university].
Amsterdam, 1941 Large 8°, cloth, (XVIII), 131pp., plates, diagrams, large folded coloured map.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 6090

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